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The Wednesday Comics Podcast is a weekly comic book show hosted by 3 friends brought together by comic books. Each week we review the newest comic books, talk comic book culture including TV & Movies, and have fun with comic books! Wednesday Comics is your best choice for a comic book podcast!

March 5, 2017

Logan - Wednesday Comics - #036


Snikt! The Wednesday Comics crew and special guest Alicia pop their claws and cut into the latest Wolverine movie, Logan. Before that we talk about the new Batman movie and if it's even worth looking forward to. Plus reviews of Hawkeye #4, Royal City #1, Batman #18, and more!


0:00-21:53 - Intro 

21:54-27:00 - Moon Knight  #12

27:01-29:56 - Hawkeye #4

29:57-38:05 - Batman #18

38:06-44:05 - Nightwing #16

44:06-51:32 - Superman #18

51:33-1:01:07 - Royal City #1

1:01:08-1:38:14 - Movie Review - Logan

1:38:15-1:42:26 - End of the Show









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